With the robust and noble background in the textiles industry since decades; Shalky is known to be world-class high-end textile merchandise in Saudi Arabia. A family start-up established in the fifties of the last century today has grown by leaps and bounds in the global markets. Unparalleled expertise in the trading and sincere business ethics have led the entrepreneurship to determine the future of the fashion appealing to the youngsters.

Innovation and professionalism being the core values of the company, it manufactures supreme quality clothing and attires trending most recently. The company aspires to seize all the major international markets with the best in class textile. It also strives to preserve clothing concepts like 'Caftans,' (a traditional attire of Saudi Arabic women) using the most excellent raw material to compete in the international markets. With a robust vision of developing a home-grown textile business, Qassem Qassem, the son of Al-Sheikh Suleiman Abdullah Al Qassem decided to have a perfect blend of antiquity and modernity while establishing the house of fashion, Shalky.Today, the brand has been remarkably leaving its footprints at the reputed, world-class fashion events.